Nottinghamshire Health Informatics Service

Registration Authority

The NHIS will continue to provide a robust system of auditable, secure access to systems through the further development of NPfIT systems requiring access via Smartcard.  Current smartcard provision is required for PACS (Picture Archiving Communications System) access, and in order to access the Choose and Book system.  It is anticipated that further provision of cards and smartcard support will also be needed for Lorenzo Care Management 1 and ORMIS (Operating Room Medical Information System) access.  Provision of smartcards for Trust staff, and the provision of an effective Registration Authority has required engagement with Fire and Security Services, Medical Education Management, Human Resources, and divisional representatives.  This enables compliance with the aspect of the Care Records Guarantee which states that "a patient has the right to see clearly who has accessed information about them". 

Further work will be undertaken in the coming year to prepare to fully integrate the Registration Authority processes  for starters and leavers into the processes required for the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

This process of full integration will form a critical part of the path of employees into the Trust, as dependence on clinical systems access is increased with technological deployments.

The implementation of Lorenzo Care Management One, the first of the systems from Lorenzo, which requires smartcard access, will potentially affect thousands of staff who currently access the Patient Administration System (PAS) as part of their daily role.

This vastly expanded roll out will require a review of the induction processes, appointment of temporary staff, and out of hours support mechanisms for smartcard based access to systems.